Masks & The Machine

Kalle Nio: Masks & The Machine. 13.11.-1.12.2013 Helsinki Art Museum, Kluuvi Gallery.

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People need to come to London and drink alcohol with me. (Or, if alcohol isn’t your thing, coffee) (or if coffee isn’t your thing, water, I really don’t mind)

Anonymous asked: You're amazingly pretty and your art is beautiful.

I read this just before I left for school and it helped me feel warm and shiny inside all day!


powder-blue waves

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Willy Cartier | L’Express Style Magazine | ph. Sophie Delaporte

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Too much hair and stress
My face without eyeliner is freaky deaky

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Anonymous asked: I think you're very witty and pretty and your sense of humour seems weird but I kinda like weird and sorry if this message is creepy

This is really really lovely and I love you a lot! And that is so nice to say about my ‘wit’ because yeah I’m weird and not everybody thinks that’s okay but you do and you are wonderful! It would be cool to talk to you more ^*^ ty ty ty

Put something in my ask box if you can be bothered that would be real lovely
If you can’t


Simon Roberts - Polyarnye Nochi, 2004-2005

"Unforgiving and dramatic winters have often been regarded as one of Russia’s most defining characteristics.  A Russian winter is redolent both of great hardship: extreme temperatures, physical privation, an atmosphere of isolation and desolation, but also great beauty.  Russia’s majesty is heightened by the intensity of its winter and for centuries, the Russian winter has been romanticised by many artists from the master realists of the nineteenth century, to modern day film directors such as Tarkovsky and Zviagentsev."

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You won’t be seeing that much of my face because I mostly look like a toad during term time (w/e sometimes it’s good to look like a toad guys)

School is full of dickwads I can’t even flirt with.
And flirting is my livelihood.
“Art is useless and unnecessary”
No, you are useless and unnecessary, nasty white boy.

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Blue fluorite cluster.

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